Committed to safeguarding of our
people, the general public, and the

Oasis believes that no aspect of our operations is of greater importance than the safeguarding of our employees, contractors, the general public, and the environment. Oasis will strive to continually improve all aspects of Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection. Our policy is to provide an effective safety and environmental control procedures, to follow all applicable laws, and to protect the environment, contractors, and our employees.

Oasis is committed to be prepared to respond to emergencies that may result in harm to our employees, contractors, general public, and the environment. Oasis will strive to minimize the potential for harm resulting from our operations. We will continue to evaluate risks of new and existing work sites.

Oasis will endeavor to comply with all existing regulatory requirements pertaining to the Environment, Health, and Safety of our employees and our Operating Areas. In addition, where necessary we will develop more stringent measures to protect the health and assure the safety of our employees as well as protect the environment.

People are our core asset, protecting them is each of our responsibility. The prevention of losses to people or damage to the environment requires a combined effort on the part of all persons on Oasis work sites. Every employee and contractor should take a personal responsibility towards complying with good safety and environmental practices as a condition of their employment.

It is the responsibility of every employee or contractor to stop work if they see or perceive an action that may result in an accident or damage to the environment and report this to Oasis Management.