Oasis Midstream Partners

We are a premier master limited partnership formed by Oasis to own, develop, operate and acquire a diversified portfolio of midstream assets in North America that are integral to the oil and natural gas operations of Oasis and are strategically positioned to capture volumes from other producers. Our current midstream operations are performed within the Bakken and Permian Basins, two of the most prolific crude oil producing basins in North America.

We generate most of our revenues through 15-year, fixed-fee contracts pursuant to which we provide crude oil, natural gas and water-related midstream services for Oasis. Since our IPO, we have grown through accretive, dropdown acquisitions, as well as organically as Oasis develops its acreage in the Bakken and Permian Basins. Additionally, we have added business through third party agreements.

Oasis intends for us to be its primary vehicle for midstream operations, which generate stable cash flows and support the development of its high-quality assets in the Williston and Delaware Basins.

Additionally, our assets are strategically located within Oasis’ acreage position and are in close proximity to other operators in the Bakken and Permian Basins, positioning us to become a leading provider of midstream services in the Bakken and Permian Basins.

Our Sponsor


Oasis is the premier operator in the Bakken and Permian Basins, possessing both coveted assets and creative people that drive the success of the company. Oasis is on the forefront of technology deployment, operational efficiencies, and infrastructure development.

Oasis holds highly concentrated and substantially operated positions in both Bakken and Permian Basins and produces approximately 65,000 Boe/d.

Oasis emerged from restructuring in November, 2020 a world class resource company uniquely positioned to deliver long-term value with a best-in-class balance sheet, quality, sustainable assets and financial discipline.

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Our Relationship with

Our relationship with Oasis is one of our principal strengths. Oasis expects its Bakken and Permian Basins operations to be the focus of its development program. Oasis intends to use us as an integral vehicle to support its Bakken and Permian Basins operations. We anticipate providing critical crude oil, natural gas, produced water and freshwater services in support of Oasis’s development. Oasis has also granted us a ROFO with respect to its retained interests in any other midstream assets that it elects to build with respect to its current acreage and elects to sell in the future.


OMP Management

Oasis Midstream Partners is led by a highly experienced management team with a track record of operational excellence and successful strategic acquisitions in the Williston and Delaware Basins and throughout North America. Additionally, our management is heavily involved in planning & executing our Sponsor’s upstream activity and in managing its associated future infrastructure needs. Our management is appropriately aligned and incentivized to generate long term value for both OMP unitholders and OAS shareholders.


Board of Directors